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Simply put, the Gizmo Guys are a comedy juggling act. But they are much more. Their act includes original routines, quick-witted verbal repartee and world class juggling skills in a very light-hearted approach to the art.

Touring worldwide since 1987, the Gizmo Guys have appeared before well over a million people in more than 2500 live performances. They have performed for millions more on television. In addition to touring extensively in the U.S. and Canada, the Gizmo Guys have strutted their stuff in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Japan and have taught juggling at the renowned French and Canadian National Circus Schools.

Allan was taught to juggle by his roommate while attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he graduated in 1977.
Shortly thereafter, he co-founded the comedy group Slap Happy (with Brian O'Connor and Tom Keegan) which was twice awarded Best Comedy of the Year by The Boston Globe, played at over 200 colleges and universities, enjoyed a four month run at The Other End in New York City, and made numerous appearances on local and national television.

While not touring with Slap Happy, Allan taught at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s Clown College (1978), won the International Jugglers Association’s Team Championship with Fred Garbo (1978), and Solo Championship (1983) and collaborated as technical consultant on The Complete Juggler, written by Dave Finnigan and published in 1987 by Vintage books.

Allan lives in New York City.

Barrett learned the art of juggling at the age of 15, from his cousin.
After completing his studies at the University of Arizona, he moved to Boulder, Colorado where he collaborated with Peter Davison and Kezia Tenenbaum and in 1980 won the International Jugglers Association’s Team Championship.

Later that year he launched a solo career by taking an eight week contract with The Harlem Globetrotters that was extended time and again. Three years, five continents and thirty countries later, he settled in Europe where he worked his solo act in circuses and variety theaters for two more years and learned to speak Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

In 1985 Barrett teamed up with Jim Strinka to form The Dynamotion Jugglers, a duo that appeared with New York City’s Big Apple Circus, Germany's Circus Krone and on television variety shows in Europe and South America.

Barrett lives in New York City.